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Awaken to your authentic self. Find your freedom.​

Intuitive Coach  Akashic Records Reader  |  Guide  Catalyst

I walk with individuals on their journey inward as they seek the joy and fulfillment that comes from discovering themselves. Together we uncover and discard layers of societal conditioning, karmic imprints and limiting beliefs to find freedom and power in the true, authentic self.

During this process of unbecoming (or my favorite analogy — peeling back layers of the onion),
we are reunited with our greatest gifts and our innate wisdom. We become powerful, conscious creators of our own experience and naturally build a life with more ease, joy and peace.

Join me to uncover who you really are beneath all the ways the world has taught you to be.

Strip away stories, pain, and patterns that are keeping you small and trapped to arrive home in your own skin.  Finally answer the deep yearnings of your heart that tell you there is more to this existence. 

Set yourself free to live your  one wild and precious life.

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