Helping You Uncover Your Authentic Self

Steph Struthers is an intuitive life coach and healer who has walked her own journey out of the darkness and in to a deep love for life. Her greatest joy and gift to this world is helping others become liberated from the ways we all suffer — via the mind, our conditioning and from trauma.  She helps souls awaken to the richness and fullness of this human experience and lights the path as folks step into their own aliveness and power.

Steph is a deep lover of nature, animals, analogies, story-telling, and understanding all things that pertain to the broad spectrum of humanity.  She is continually seeking expansion and growth and to master that which we are not yet able to see.

A graphic designer for the federal government in her former life, she left the safety and security to pursue her life's calling helping others heal and transform themselves to find the freedom, joy and fulfillment she has.  A former pessimist and perfectionist who battled depression and anxiety her whole life, Steph is continually inspired by the ways individuals can change with the right tools, the power of intention, and a commitment to growth.  She is on a (not-so-secret) mission to change the world, helping to awaken one soul at a time.