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I want  us all to live as our Authentic Selves

Steph Struthers is a guide and healer who has walked her own journey out of the darkness and in to a deep love for life. Her greatest joy and gift to this world is helping others become liberated from the ways we all suffer — via the mind, our conditioning and from trauma.  She helps souls awaken to the richness and fullness of this human experience and lights the path as folks step into their own aliveness and power.

Steph is a deep lover of nature, animals, house plants and gardening, analogies, story-telling, Human Design, and understanding all things that pertain to the broad spectrum of humanity (and beyond!).  She's continually seeking expansion and growth and to master that which we are not yet able to see and all that is possible in this human experience.

After her awakening in 2019 and subsequent journey into spirituality and personal development,  Steph followed her calling to help others heal and transform their lives.  She began accessing the Akashic Records in 2021 and is constantly expanding her channeling and energetic gifts.


She is on a (not-so-secret) mission to change the world, helping to awaken one soul at a time.

When not working with clients, Steph can be found at home in Sedona, AZ, with her cat.  She spends her time outdoors, traveling, doing yoga, taking photos, and sunbathing in her backyard.

She also teaches a Guided Energy Healing class on Sundays at Village Yoga.  You can learn more about that and register to attend here!

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