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Who is the real you?

My coaching style is multi-faceted and honors the unique nature of each individual. It's intuitive and fluid. Together we embark upon a journey of finding your true essence, your authentic nature, and the expansive freedom that comes from peeling away layers of societal conditioning, destructive thought patterns and emotional trauma.


Guidance I receive when working with a client comes not only from my lived experience, my higher self and my guides, but also from the client's higher self, their entire spiritual team and the quantum field in which we are all connected.


Profound Change & Rapid Expansion


  • 8 weekly hour-long Zoom sessions (~2 months)
    Catalyze your growth and energetic expansion. We go deep quickly and peel away all that is not you so you see a dramatic flood of ease, joy and peace in your life. The container is energetically encoded to facilitate your most powerful healing, up-leveling and deconditioning journey.

  • Unlimited access to me (Mon-Fri) via the Voxer app 
    In this space, we exchange voice recordings for continual support and integration between sessions. I am in your pocket for the duration of our time together! This is an active space for implementing the work:  processing emotions, recognizing patterns and shifting perspectives, all with daily feedback.

  • One Akashic Records reading
    One of our weekly Zoom calls is an Akashic Records reading.  This session can be positioned anywhere during the  weeks or, by default, will be our last session to close the container.

Curious about working together?  Send me a message to book a connection call. Let's discuss the life you could be leading in alignment with your soul path!

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