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Who is the real you?

My coaching style is multi-faceted and honors the unique nature of each individual. It doesn't follow a rigid structure and wasn't learned in a classroom. It's intuitive and fluid and mirrors the journey I walked myself on to find my true essence, my authentic nature, and the expansive freedom that comes from peeling away layers of societal conditioning, destructive thought patterns and emotional trauma to live my soul's truth.


I utilize three key areas to create profound change and rapid expansion:


As a foundation, we recognize and transform limiting beliefs, self-criticism, and stories about the self and the world that create a painful narrative in the mind and manifest discomfort in life. We build new neural networks in the brain to mold it into a more friendly, supportive, and compassionate place to be. We plant seeds in the subconscious for new expansive beliefs that allow us to release our grip of control on the world around us and surrender to more ease and flow in our life.


We simultaneously learn to observe the chatter of the mind and detach from it. We create awareness around how it's always speaking at us and pulling us into the past or projecting us into the future. We learn to return to the present moment — the seat from which we consciously create our life and the only place we ever truly exist.


And finally, we drop into the body to access stored wisdom and heal deep traumas. We understand how patterns of being that keep us small were originally designed to protect us, and we loving release them, freeing up space to expand into our true energetic nature.


I offer two structures of coaching tailored to suit your needs, honor your time and support your desired outcomes:


  • An 8-week container meeting weekly (for approximately two months) that facilitates rapid growth and energetic expansion. We go deep quickly and peel away what is not you so you see a dramatic flood of ease, joy, and peace in your life. 


  • A 5-month container that meets every two weeks (10 sessions total) so you can more fully integrate your transformational experience and be supported on your journey for an extended period.


Both coaching spaces include 24/7 access to me via the Voxer app.  In this space, we exchange voice recordings for continual support and updates between sessions.  You literally have me in your pocket for the duration of our time together!

If you feel there's more to life than what you're currently experiencing, I'm here to assure you there sure as hell is! 


Send me a message to book a connection call, and let's uncover who you truly are and where you can go!

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