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Working with Steph has been life changing.  She has been instrumental to many shifts that have taken
place in my inner world.  Her wisdom and guidance comes from her intuition and is always spot on.  I came to her for help with my soul business.  She taught me how to recognize and remove the blocks that were holding me back.  Along the way I learned to listen to the whispers of my heart and to follow its desires. 
Steph’s calming voice, articulated story telling and vivid guided meditations are healing on a soul level.  I know in my heart that my life will never be the same and that I was divinely guided to Steph.

-Tricia Bartol



Steph’s sessions and support encourage building inner awareness, clarity, power and action in my life.  Through her acute awareness and open channel, she helps to pave new pathways and push out stagnant self-imitating beliefs that I find familiar in my body.  Steph celebrates self-empowerment and living life embodying the highest version of myself.  She holds a welcoming and expansive space to explore and grow exponentially!

-Katie Mansfield



Learning from Steph was a blessing!  Her positivity and wisdom helped me remember and bring
out my own gifts
.  She is easy to connect with and is very empathetic yet empowering.  I highly recommend working with her to take your next step into loving yourself more fully, no matter where you are in your journey.


-Julie Hanson



Steph is able to hold a safe space for you to go deep into your healing and sit with yourself fully.  She has unconditional positive regard for the type of transformation needed in any given moment.  I felt so supported and was able to make impactful changes in my life and deepen my soul's healing and feel my calling more closely.  Truly life changing!

- Vanessa Poirier

Holy shit what a beautiful experience!!!

Steph started the reading with a lovely meditation that calmed my nerves and connected me to my body. She made me feel safe and held in a sacred space the entire reading.  I felt completely comfortable asking the questions I felt called to ask and the responses were unbelievable.  I was able to receive what she was channeling through my body and soul and felt the knowing within. Things that she shared with me were things I have wanted and needed to hear for years. Some things that I've held onto with a tight grip that needed to be released and other things that I need to open my eyes to that I was second guessing. Thank you for the badass connection through you I am forever grateful and cannot wait to have another reading!!

- Des McCall

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