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Compassion Key Inner Wholeness Healing

The Compassion Key is a healing modality utilizing your own self-directed compassion and channeled guidance from the higher self to fully heal and integrate wounded aspects and karmic imprints.

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As we remove distortions from our energetic field (commonly recognized as repeating patterns or experiences) and come into wholeness, our soul’s pure light can shine more clearly through our vessel, creating the joyful life we know we're meant to live.


One Compassion Key session can remove blocks immediately impacting your life so that your physical reality out-pictures differently.  Multiple sessions produce deep healing and profound transformation as layers of pain, protection mechanisms, and trauma are integrated and/or released.

A Compassion Key Inner Wholeness Healing session utilizes my gifts as a channel to bring through the exact healing phrases from your higher self that your wounded and fragmented parts (from childhood and/or past lives) need to hear, coupled with your own self-directed compassion.  You don't need to know of or have contact with the "part" that is creating an experience in your life.  We will access and connect to it via somatic sensing (feeling sensations in the body).

Please come to our session from a space where you feel safe enough to be vulnerable, to drop into the body, and to give time, patience, and love to yourself.  I will lead you in all aspects of the process, but setting up the correct parameters to honor the healing journey deepens your outcome.

If you would like to reach out and chat with me before scheduling a session to see if we have resonance and are a good fit, please email me or send me a DM on Instagram to book a free 30-minute consultation session.  I'd be more than happy to connect with you and discuss this powerful modality and let you acclimate to me before we deep dive together with compassion!

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